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Tool to draw Network Topology Map

Dear all,

we have several small branch officies with up to 10 Switches each.

I'm looking for a cheap (better free) software that can do the following.

- Discover the Switches

- Draw a map with the information from CDP to see how the switches are physically connected / linked to each other (at which ports/interfaces)

Optional: See how spanning tree has blocked the redundant links

Any suggestions are welcome


Re: Tool to draw Network Topology Map

To discover your network you may wish to adapt a script you can find here:

It can give you a hostlist and if you adapt it a list of what port connects to what port.

Displaying is a little more complicated. To give it a sensible layout it needs a lot of (manual) work.



New Member

Hallo Juergen Fischer,

Hallo Juergen Fischer,

i just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about NeDi.

From the website:


    • Discover your network and find every end-node connected to it. Visualise the topology to get the big picture and find out where your assets are located.
    • Check if your networking devices are alive or have been rebooted. Stay ahead of increasing traffic, drops, errors, failed links or replaced modules.
    • Stay on top of the complete lifecycle from purchase to trade-in. Keep the configs organised and gain valuable insights for troubleshooting.

I have been using it for about 3-4 years now and it really works like a charm even for a mixed-vendor environment. Our environment has about 550 network components and all of them are backed-up and inventoried by NeDi. 

Most of the Cisco devices seem to work out of the box ... The only thing where i needed to tweak the nedi.conf-file was when i was trying to get backups from F5 load balancers. 

@Mods: Sorry for necroposting, but I just wanted to share that wonderful tool!

Best Regards from Germany,



InterMapper is an amazing

InterMapper is an amazing tool to draw and monitor the network topology and to provide all kind of statistics, but it doesn't discover the devices automatically 

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