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Tool to gather EOL, EOS for cisco devices.


I am looking for a tool, which can quickly give me EOL, EOS information for cisco products. I know there is a module in ciscoworks for this, but do we have anything else to get this information on basis of show inventory command. thx


Re: Tool to gather EOL, EOS for cisco devices.

the only tool I know beside the one you mentioned (RME) is the tool mentioned in this thread:

The difference with the RME tool is that you have to send the result from the discovery process to Cisco and you will get back the interpreted results (like EOL/EOS) in a table.

Both tools show the information about a given set of network devices. If you want a general information you can use the RSS feed on this site for news:

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Re: Tool to gather EOL, EOS for cisco devices.


Thanks!! for your response.

But i am not able to find this tool, may be because I am not cisco partner. Would appreciate if you can help me with link to tool. Or exact name so I can dropa mail to cisco. thx in advance.


Ravinder Dahiya

Re: Tool to gather EOL, EOS for cisco devices.

the name of the tool is "Cisco Discovery" (the actual version is CNC_5_1_2) but I doubt you will have access to this tool as it is even not available to partners without a training. So I think RME is the only solution for you. Install the evaluation version - you have a 90 day test period for free - and give it a try ... perhaps you will find it usefull (like the SyslogAnalyzer, Syslog Automated Action, Config Management, Basline Config Templates, Inventory, User Tracking and perhaps the Topology Map (for documentation not alarming ;-)...). If you have tested it successfully you can still buy it...

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