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topology maps, redrawing after manually laying out

I would like to know how to get the topology map to "redraw" or snap to the new location of the icon after I move it. I have worked on several maps and am putting .bmps on it. But when I move device it's connection doesnt move with it and is quite ugly.

Additionally, what is the update time on this map? I would like to have the NOC in India have this up all the time (like OV) but it appears that an outage isnt registered for quite some time.


Cisco Employee

Re: topology maps, redrawing after manually laying out

I would strongly recommend against using background images. Those are known to break the layout engine. Your maps will not draw correctly. There is a release noted bug on this, CSCse24944.

Typically, when moving a device on the map, the links will move with the device. This happens automatically. You can, of course, relayout the topology in hierarchical, symmetrical, circular, or orthogonal views.

The update time for topology is based on your polling interval. I must stress that Topology Services is NOT a fault management application. The standard polling time for devices and links is two hours.

In LMS 3.0 and higher, there is a featured called the critical devices poller. You can add up to 30 devices to this poller, and drastically reduce the polling interval. By default, the critical polling interval is five minutes, but you can reduce this at the cost of higher CPU and network load.

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