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Tracing Inventory Collection jobs

I have two Inventory collection jobs showing up in RME "Recently Completed Job" that are failing and I am trying to trace them.

One is

"Inventory Collection Shecduled by Polling Job"

Which runs at 23:00

The other is

"System Inventory Collection Job"

which runs at 23:30

I cannot find where the job sheculed by polling originates from.

Both jobs are failing, but have different results.

Where does the "scheduled by polling" job originate from?

Cisco Employee

Re: Tracing Inventory Collection jobs

The inventory polling job is scheduled from RME > Admin > Inventory > System Job Schedule. If this job detects an inventory change, it will schedule a collection job.

Community Member

Re: Tracing Inventory Collection jobs

This job seems to be running every night, which would mean that it detects an inventory change every night.

Also, this job was sucessfully completed with 22 items of 49 having changed.

From the Job Details, clicking on the details of each device, it looks like the change that was detected was the clock.

Do I need to adjust something or is this a bug?

Cisco Employee

Re: Tracing Inventory Collection jobs

You need to adjust your inventory change filters under RME > Admin > Inventory > Inventory Change Filter. You should check the boxes for those attributes you do NOT care about.

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