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tracking voip phones

Ive been reading CW student guide, but it doesnt tell you much about tracking voip phones.

I can track user PCs but not voip phones. How do I enable voip phone tracking on CW?



Re: tracking voip phones

There is nothing special that you need to do with LMS 3.2 and Campus Manager 5.2 as its enabled by default per the users guide.

Understanding User Tracking Reports

User Tracking automatically locates servers and end-user workstations, and Cisco Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone handsets and their connections to Cisco switches. During this acquisition process it also tabulates specific connection information about the end station.

The Reports section displays various options to view, create and schedule various reports that User Tracking provides.

Cisco Employee

Re: tracking voip phones

UT can only track Cisco IP phones.  Those phones must first show up as regular end hosts meaning that UT found them as being connected to switches which are managed by Campus Manager.  After that, you must make sure that the Call Managers to which the phones are registered are managed by Campus Manager, and show up with green application server icons on the topology map.  Since Campus only recently started supported Linux versions of CCM, you need to be running the latest Campus service pack for a given release (e.g. CM 5.0.6, 5.1.4, 5.2.1).

New Member

Re: tracking voip phones

"you must make sure that the Call Managers to which the phones are registered are managed by Campus Manager,"  <<< Is there any doco for me to walk through?

Cisco Employee

Re: tracking voip phones

You can go through this document on troubleshooting SNMP on the CCM:

Essentially, the CCM needs to be configured with SNMP, and needs to be added to DCR (in LMS).  Then, run a new Campus Data Collection from the Campus Manager homepage.  The CCM should appear with a green application server icon on the map.  Once that has happened, the next UT major acquisition should populate the IP phone table.

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