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Triggered Config Collections on CATOS

Im running Ciscoworks LMS 2.5.1 on solaris 9 should that help with the query.

I have a network with a mixture of IOS and CATOS boxes. Now, when i make a change to a switch on IOS, and exit from "conf t", it sends a syslog to CiscoWorks which then retrieves the latest version of the config.

Is there anyway this can be implemented on CATOS? At the moment only the scheduled collections pick up config changes. CiscoWorks is set up as a logging destination on the CATOS box but i need to know if a triggered config collection is even possible with CATOS.

An example of the version of CATOS is 5.5(5).

Thanks in Advance


Cisco Employee

Re: Triggered Config Collections on CATOS

Increase your logging level to 6 for the sys facility, and make sure your server logging level is also 6.

NOTE: Newer versions of CatOS will send these messages when a TFTP config transfer is performed which will cause RME to enter an infinite fetch loop would could crash your switch. CatOS 5.5 should be safe, but if you do have switches affected by this, your only workarounds are not to set sys logging level to 6, use telnet or SSH as the config fetch protocol, or call the TAC to get a script that will configure RME to ignore these messages from CatOS devices.

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