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unable to change username of existing user in LMS 3.0.1

it is not possible to change the username of an existing LMS user (Local Users Setup) through the WEB GUI.

Changeing the name in the cwpass file does work but breaks the relationship to data inside the database where the user is maintained by its old name and not by a name-independent ID. (e.g. cmf DB: CSUserGroupAssociationTable when a private group for the (old) user exists - the effect is that the group is not visible in the GUI anymore- not even by admin)

Is there a CLI tool to change a username consistently in LMS or is there no possibility for such a task?

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Re: unable to change username of existing user in LMS 3.0.1

This is not doable. You would have to delete and recreate the user with the new name. Of course, as you've already pointed out, there will be data loss.

We've got a new OGS import/export feature coming in LMS 3.2, and I want to make sure they allow one to export one user's groups and import them in as another user. This would certainly help this situation.

Re: unable to change username of existing user in LMS 3.0.1

Are there any plans to change this behaviour? - I mean making the username (the string) independent of any relationship inside the DB and using an ID instead. It could be just another field for the user in the cwpass file.

The new OGS feature covers the group ascpect - is this the only relationship inside the DB that is bound directly to the username?

For filesystem relationship a simple rename of the user folder for the topology maps will do it. But where are the 'Device Selector Settings' covered?

Alternatively a button 'Copy User' in the 'Local User Setup' (and an according cli tool) ) would do a good job :-)

it should have the following options:

- include groups with the option to select CS-RME-Campus-DFM

- include Topology Maps

- include 'Device Selector Settings'

and then force the input of a new name/password/email address;

This would ease and speed up the user configuration or username change in a great manner for big environments.

(...perhaps plans for LMS 3.2 ??)

- the new OGS import/export feature will be REALLY GREATE and a good step forward to protect the configuration/customization when a reinit of a DB is needed (but there are still other 'base' config settings held in the DB and not in config files which get lost..)

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Re: unable to change username of existing user in LMS 3.0.1

No, usernames are used for reports as well. Anything where you can create a private instance of an object require a mapping to the username. That also includes the Portal.

This is the first time I've had this feature requested. You've thought it out, and it clearly sounds like it would be useful. I'd go the PERS route on this as this is not going to be a trivial thing to add (since it will need to touch multiple areas).

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