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Unable to clear alerts in DFM


I have noticed in Alerts and Activities (I saw this yesterday also) numerous alerts some active for more than 200 days.

I have tried to clear them and it seems to hang the application. Then going back in, I see no alrts.

I set up alerting to send me an e-mail and I am getting an e-mail for the same alert every ten minutes now, but I am unable to clear any of them.

As of now, when I go into clear them, nothing is showing, when I saw them before.

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Re: Unable to clear alerts in DFM

Exactly what version of DFM do you have? At what point does the application hang when you are clearing alerts? What makes you think it's hung?

As for alert lifetime, an alert will remain active so long as there is at least one underlying event that is active. Since new events can become part of an alert at anytime, an alert COULD potentially live forever.

Every time an event within an alert changes (or a new event is added), you will get an email about that alert (assuming you have alert notifications configured). In general, alert notifications are useless as they do not give you the real details about what is happening. Therefore, we typically recommend to customers to uncheck the alert options within their Notification Group, and only check the event options. This way, the emails will contain more useful information.

Manually cleared alerts will remain in the Alerts and Activities display for 30 minutes. After that, they can be found under Fault History for up to a month.

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Re: Unable to clear alerts in DFM

I will have to get the version info to you.

I have tried several times to clear the alerts and the first few seem to at least go through the motions of asking if I want to clear and I select "ok".

Then then during a refresh of one clearing functions, the browser will sit on the page with an hour glass.

After sitting like this for a while, I closed the browser and reopened Alerts and Notification and there are no alerts.

They will probably show back up if I reboot the server.

Can you show me where exactly to uncheck the alert option.

At the moment I am getiing an alert every ten minutes for the same alert.

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Re: Unable to clear alerts in DFM

A lot of the major problems with the alerts and activities interface was fixed in LMS 3.0. It's now much more responsive, and less prone to errors. I'm not saying this will address your current issue, but it may help the usability to upgrade.

To disable notifications for alerts, go to Notification Services > Notification Groups, edit your notification group, and uncheck the boxes under Alert Severity and Alert Status. Only have boxes checked under Event Severity and Event status, and make sure you've selected the proper Event Set (assuming you configured one).

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