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Unable to locate object parent "snmpMIB.1" for "snmpMIBObjects"

I'm trying to write a script on an IBM AIX system that will show, add, and delete vlans on our Cisco switches using snmp commands. I used the AIX mib compiler to compile the following mibs in the order listed below:

When I use the AIX version of snmpwalk to show the value of the vtpVlanState variable, I receive the error message stated in the title of this post.

I'm not an expert at this setup. Can someone advise me how I should proceed to clear this error?


Nick Venidis

Cisco Employee

Re: Unable to locate object parent "snmpMIB.1" for "snmpMIBObjec

The AIX compiler might be buggy (maybe it only supports SMIv1). The snmpMIB object is defined in the SNMPv2-MIB. snmpMIBObjects is also defined in this MIB to be snmpMIB.1. snmpMIB is defined to be snmpModules.1, and snmpModules is defined in SNMPv2-SMI. So it looks like you've loaded all of the correct files.

Of course, the CISCO-VTP-MIB needs to be loaded before the CISCO-VLAN-MEMBERSHIP-MIB, but I doubt that is causing this problem. You might try the Net-SNMP toolchain. It has a very pedantic, but very good MIB compiler, and should be able to do what you want. You can get Net-SNMP from They don't have AIX binaries, but it should compile on AIX (or you might be able to find some floating around).

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