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unexpected behaviour when defining IPM Collector Names

In IPM 4.0 when defining a new collector with the GUI (IPM > Collector Mgmt > Collectors > Create) at the first step I have to define the 'Collector Name'. Selecting the Source(Interface), Target and Operation then click on NEXT brings up a screen where the before entered Collector Name is extended with the source interface and the operation. At the last screen (Collector Summary) the Collector Name again is the one I entered in the first step. Finishing the creation of the collector saves the collector with the extended name I never entered.

In some situations this is indeed a nice feature. But it should be up to the user to decide what the value of 'Collector Name' is and not up to the Software how to extend the value of a string field.

I would say this is a bug as I cannot find any documentation about this feature/behaviour. And the best would be to implement a fix that adds a row to IPM > Admin > Application Settings where this behaviour can be switch ON and OFF :-)


Re: unexpected behaviour when defining IPM Collector Names

I believe that the developers added this as a feature to compensate for the new multiple collector creation ability. In previous versions you could only create a single probe (or collector depending on which vernacular you choose to use: RTR, SAA, or IPSLA), while in this version you can choose multiple targets AND operations in a single set up.

Re: unexpected behaviour when defining IPM Collector Names

Now I can see it more clearly. But I still think the decision to have this feature should be left to the user (because the SW changes a string field) and I see the need to have this option under Admin > Application Settings.

Currently a workaround for the customer is to export the collectors and re-import them with changed name values...

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