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Unreachable Devices in Common Services


Is it possible to see why a device is unreachable ?

Some devices are unreachable, but I know that these devices can be reached by Ping, SSH and the SNMP is correct.

I have enabled debugging in CS, but the log only tells me that the device is unreachable, no reason is given.

Any good ideas ?

Kind regards


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Re: Unreachable Devices in Common Services

I'm going to asume this is CS 3.3 (LMS 3.2).  The unreachable device can be part of two things mainly:

1. The seed devices, if it is unreachable, then it will be in the unreachable report. Regardless of the discovery module.

2. A divice can be discovered by CDP for instance, via another device's CDP neighbour table. Then Common Services will then try and discover it directly, but its important to check that the IP address given in the CDP neighbour table is the right IP address to manage the device on.

You say the divice responds to PING , SNMP etc, but is it the right IP Address as CS discovered it?. Test it from the LMS server and an advanced ping from the router/switch can also be valuable by choosing the correct source interface.

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Re: Unreachable Devices in Common Services


I'm running CS 3.1.1

One of the devices that are unreachable, I also use as a seed device. I have tryed to ping it from the Works server, and got a reply. SSH from the Works server is also OK.

In the discocery log, it says that it have discovered this device from CDP. In the device it has no neighbour in the CDP database, and i really  don't from which device it has been discovered from. I have no problems to discover other network devices (firewalls) on that network, but not this router, a 4500.

It is the right IP addr. that has been discovered.


Re: Unreachable Devices in Common Services


Ok, so you have LMS 3.0.1. According to the the device supported document :

that router is going to need Cisco IOS 11.2(25)a as a minimum.

I would view the output on a "Show snmp" to see if there's any errors during the LMS discovery process. It could be a bug, but i would try the snmp walk for object id on the device from the LMS server to see if the router will at least repond to snmp.

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