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updating multiple routers

we have over 70 remote sites that have 871 routers w/ nearly identical configs on them. i am looking for a tool to update multiple routers with some form of ease. is there currently any tools available to do this. I could see using .bat files to do this but was wondering if there is anything cisco uses for this


Re: updating multiple routers

Cisco's CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (LMS) includes NetConfig - a part of Resource Manager Essentials (aka RME) - which allows you to make configuration changes to one or more devices. For more information about CiscoWorks LMS see

Alternatively, you can use perl ( and the excellent Net::Telnet::Cisco module ( to write a script which telnets into a bunch of Cisco devices and implements your changes for you.

We use both CiscoWorks LMS and perl scripting - using the former for smaller jobs and the latter for large scale configuration changes and roll-outs.

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Re: updating multiple routers

thanks, that will work but i am really looking for something for windows, just in case someone else at our business needs to use it that doesnt know linux

Re: updating multiple routers

Cisco Works LMS runs on both the Solaris and Windows platforms.

There are perl packages available for Windows including ActivePerl from ActiveState - see

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