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Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

LMS 2.6

Sun Solaris 2.8

When I perform a credential check on any device, it is producing an error CDAJOB025.

Checking the cda.log gives :

[ Tue Nov 07 14:02:04 MET 2006 ],ERROR,[Ajp13Processor[9009][3]],,perform,478, Exception while editing job CDAJOB022: Could not retrieve details from database. Ensure that the RME database service is running.

[ Tue Nov 07 14:02:05 MET 2006 ],INFO ,[Ajp13Processor[9009][0]],,perform,185,Current Div Name = null && Is Request for Paging false

Although all services are running, what is going on ?

Many thanks


Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

This sounds like a failed upgrade. Did you abort the install, then attempt a reinstallation? You can confirm a bad installation by searching through your install log for the string:

Updating schema From File: /opt/CSCOpx/rigel/scripts/rme/dbupgrade/schemachange/rme_schemaChange.sql

If you do not see this line, or you see errors around it, your install did not complete successfully, and you must now reinstall all of LMS.

Community Member

Re: Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

I did an abort of the upgrade, and reinstalled later. Sounds like it was a bad idea...

Where can I find tis install log ?

By saying reinstalling LMS, do you mean reinstalling LMS 2.5.1 ? Do I need to deinstall LMS 2.6 before reinstalling 2.5.1 and how do I deinstall 2.6 if possible

Many thanks

Lieven Stubbe

Belgian Railways

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

If you aborted the installation after the warning that says, "do not abort after this point," then you have most likely missed all of the schema updates. A reinstall is mandatory.

By reinstall, I mean uninstall everything, remove /opt/CSCOpx, then reinstall 2.5.1, then 2.6. To deinstall, use /opt/CSCOpx/bin/

FYI, I do all my Solaris installs under screen. screen is an Open Source virtual TTY program that lets you start something in a terminal, close that terminal, then resume your operation right where you left off. You can even reconnect from a different SSH/telnet/console session. See for more info on screen.

Community Member

Re: Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

I did the abort in the beginning, when it asked the perftune option. In the log file in var/tmp/

I can't find the update scheme section, so this isn't good.

Is uninstalling everything really the only option ?

Many thanks for your kind support.

Cisco Employee

Re: Upgrade to LMS 2.6 / CDA problems

Given that the installation is now in an unknown state, the reinstall is the safest option. You can preserve your data by taking a backup, then restoring once the suite has been reinstalled.

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