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upgrade to Prime 2.0 from LMS 3.2.1

Hello all, and thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Is there an upgrade path from LMS 3.2.1 to Prime Infra 2.0? Or given 2.1 is now available perhaps to 2.1?


My plan of attack at the moment is to download the OVA for the Small deployment, and build out the DB from scratch. But we do have a significant number of devices so I was wondering if some sort of DB import was possible. It appears that I would have to upgrade our current LMS to 4.2 first to do this though, and that is more hassle than its worth if that is in fact the case.

The other question I had is around licensing. We currently have LMS and NCS running in our environment. How can I combine the licensing from each so I can get the same levels on Prime Infra? Both NCS and LMS are under software support if that helps at all.


Please advise, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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You can't do a direct db

You can't do a direct db import but you can use the dcrcli utility in LMS 3.2 to export a csv file of your devices and credentials.

You can then manipulate it using Excel or such to match the required format in PI 2.x. (That's basically what's done for you if you go the the trouble of upgrading to LMS 4.2 and using the export utility there.)

There are upgrade SKUs available for NCS to PI. Your reseller or Cisco partner can use the Cisco Prime "BOM Builder" (ordering guide available (only to partners) in the partner community) to determine the correct part number to order.

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