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User Tracking in Campus Manager

Anyone can help me with reference to UserTracking in Campus Manager.

My problem is User Tracking not getting any infomration of User, so I unbale to track the user through its MAC address. When I run Program it shows successfully run on GUI without any error, but when I run through CLI it give me following error messages:


log4j:ERROR No appenders could be found for category (


log4j:ERROR Please initialize the log4j system properly.


Major Acquisition started


All other objects are running fine including Topology services and Reporting features of Campus Manager.

Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking in Campus Manager

This isn't an error. Everyone sees this, and it can be ignored. The real message here is that a Major Acquisition was properly started.

In order for UT to find end host MAC addresses, the switch which contains the MACs must be properly Data Collected, and showing up as green with a switch icon on the Topology Map. Depending on the version and configuration of Campus, the end hosts must be connected to non-trunk ports.

Your SNMP community strings must not contain a '@'. If you are using SNMPv3, you must configure SNMPv3 contexts for every VLAN on the switch (run show snmp context to get a list). All IOS switches must be running specific versions of 12.2 code in order to support SNMPv3 contexts. Switches such as the 2950 series which can only run 12.1 code will not work in UT with SNMPv3, and must be configured for v1/v2c.

Community Member

Re: User Tracking in Campus Manager

So how many more questions will it take to have these bogus log4j messages eliminated?

I've found occurrences of the string

"Please initialize the log4j system properly."

in various logfiles, too.

IMHO telling customers that they have to live with those false alarms is unacceptable.


Re: User Tracking in Campus Manager

Thanks Clarke;

The Data collection run successfully all my Switches is in Topology Map with green icon and all the end host connected to non-trunk ports, Campus Manager version is 5.0. SNMP Ver is SNMPv3 and there is no '@' character in SNMP community string.

Most of my Switches IOS version is 12.2(25)SEE2. But UT will not take the MAC address information from these Switches.

Will you also explain to configure SNMPv3 contexts for each VLAN?

Best regards;

Shoaib Ahmed

Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking in Campus Manager

This code is fine. You need to run "show snmp context", and for each context listed, you need to configure something like:

snmp-server group v3group v3 auth context CONTEXT

For examplr:

snmp-server group v3group v3 auth context vlan-10

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