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New Member

User Tracking Information

Does the UT results show the mac's for other cisco devices connected to the queried device. It would appear so, there is no Ip, hostname, or subnet info, but shows the port and device it is connected to?

Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking Information

UT may show MACs from Cisco devices as end hosts. It all depends on what type of device it is (e.g. IP phones, CCMs, etc. will show as end hosts), and the configuration of the port (i.e. whether CDP or trunking is enabled).

New Member

Re: User Tracking Information

Just to clarify your statement, if a ciscoA device is connected to ciscoB and trunking is configured between them, ciscoA would show up in UT as a client on ciscoB.

If so, would the actual clients of ciscoA show as clients on ciscoB in UT?

Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking Information

No. If trunking is configured on the port connecting ciscoA and ciscoB, then ciscoA would not show up as an end host in UT. End hosts on trunk ports is not supported in CM 4.0, and it is disabled by default in CM 5.0 and higher.

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