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User Tracking IPphones


Me again, I have a issue with the User tracking, i ran the user tracking an i didnt found any IPphone, but the customer has IPphones called MITEL, i watched to a switch and i put "sh cdp neig" and the switch identified them as IP phone.

So i dont know if the User tracking support only IPphones Cisco products or also support others like MITEL. Or do i have to configure something to identify them.

Could somebody help me please? is the reason of this issue is because the IPphones arent cisco products?


Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking IPphones

User Tracking only supports Cisco IP Phones. Third party IP phones will only show up as end hosts in User Tracking provided they are not connected to trunk ports.

Community Member

Re: User Tracking IPphones

I have the similar problem but my customer using Cisco IP Phone. When when I run the user tracking, it didnt find the IP Phone. Any idea?

Cisco Employee

Re: User Tracking IPphones

In order for User Tracking to pick up IP phones, the phones must first be discovered as valid end hosts. Once that happens, the CCMs that have been data collected (i.e. that appear as green on the Topology Map) are polled to get their registered phones. The MAC addresses from ccmPhoneTable from the CCMs are then compared to the end hosts in UT. The matches are added to the IP phone table.

If any of these steps fail, the phones would not show up.

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