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User tracking not working properly

In addition to my former question for which I don't have an answer jet on we have another problem with user tracking.

A Windows 2003 server which is directly attatched to a 3560 switch can't be resolved by using user tracking.

When running a report for the 3560 switch device name, a lot of ports and hosts on that switch appear, but not this specific Windows 2003 server.

This server is configured as a trunk interface on the switch, but this seems to work fine for several other servers with the same interface configuration.

Is user tracking unreliable? and if so how come? Please help me out here, because user tracking is one of the tools that is used most often here.


Re: User tracking not working properly

You described yourself how usertracking works.

It combines the switch mibtables (mac vlan port) with the device default gateways arp table.

If that arp table is not available then it won't work. If that is due to a device limitation then you need to work arround it or file an enhancement request for the device that has the limitation.

You may wish to reconsider if the "Firewall Services Module Security Context" really needs to be this server default gateway.



New Member

Re: User tracking not working properly

Thanks for your reply,

It's not that the arp table isn't available to Ciscoworks, because the FWSM has it's own arp table that is available to Ciscoworks and if you combine this with the switch's mac-table you can generate a user tracking list. Not to difficult I suppose?

But this is still not the answer I hoped for.....


Re: User tracking not working properly

A different arp table on the FWSM perhaps? And ciscoworks is trying the default mibs?

Could be, cisco buys a lot of technology and that doesn't always use the standard mibs. (not that cisco equipment always)

I guess you should snoop the usertracking snmp to this module. Wireshark will then tell you what is going on.

Then you may need to file an enhancement request to make ciscoworks use that right mibs for this device type.



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