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User tracking with Cisco core and extreme access and edge

I cannot get user tracking to work through my Extreme switches. Is there a way to put Extreme OIDs into Campus Manager? Where I have 3Com at the edge that seems to work fine. My supervisor is asking me to just pull ARP and MAC data from the core but User Tracking does not seem to do that. It appears to correlate edge cam tables with arp and vtp data or something. Not sure if it is going to work in this mixed environment. Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

Re: User tracking with Cisco core and extreme access and edge

User Tracking will only get end users connected directly to Cisco switches. If the Cisco switches are trunking to Extreme switches, then the users on those Extreme switches will not appear in User Tracking. If, however, the Cisco switches are connected to the Extreme switches via a simple access port connection, then all the users on the Extreme switches should show up in UT as connected to the same Cisco switch port (i.e. the port that connects to the Extreme switch).

There is no way to add non-Cisco device support to User Tracking.

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