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username , telnet passwords

is there are both user name .........and login vty 0 4


commands whcih will take precedence when telnet?

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Re: username , telnet passwords

Depends on the rest of the configuration. If you are using AAA, and you have defined a default login policy, then the Username: prompt will be seen by the user, and the vty password will be ignored. If you are not using AAA, then the Password: prompt will be seen, and the vty password will be used to login.

Re: username , telnet passwords

It's not a matter of precedence, but a matter of how you configured it. If you want to use a username/password you need to configure AAA and tell the VTY's to use the AAA method for authentication.

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Re: username , telnet passwords


As both other responses have indicated it is not a matter of precedence but a matter of how you have configured the router.

In addition to their points about configuring aaa and specifying authentication with local userID and passwords or aaa specifying the line password, if you do not configure aaa and if you configure the vty with login local it will use the local userID and password instead of the line password. If you do not configure aaa and if you do not configure login local then the router will use the line password to authenticate telnet to the vty ports (assuming that you have the login parameter specified on the vty ports).



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