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UserTracking process

My usertracking now works once after a reboot or restart of the daemon manager.

After that, in Campus Administration the status remains "Idle" even if I start it manualy.

If I launch the acquisition from the Acquisition Actions it says:

"Failed to start acquisition: UT Acquisition is in progress. Please try

after some time"

I also get an indication UT is running when I try to delete a device in Network Topology.

The process "UTMajorAcquisition" is "Transient terminated"

Does anyone know where and how UT sees it is already running?

Non of the ut logfiles give me a clue.



New Member

Re: UserTracking process


Seems I am having same issue. My UT Acquisition status is running for last 18 hours. I see same things you do. If you get a solution, please let me know, and I will do same for you.

Thanks and good luck

Dave Holder

Re: UserTracking process

I had the same issue and I just get the info that it seems some config changes solved it. -But its more or less a Workaround-

a)Minor Acq. was set from 60 to 180 min.

b)Ping Sweep:many subnets where configured to be included;

1) all subnets were removed, changes were applied (I think this is important so all entries will be removed from file)

2) ping sweep was left enabled

c) subnet acquisition: many subnets were configured to be included in major acquisition

1) all subnets were removed, changes were applied (see above)

2) the upper left checkbox was unchecked, changes were applied


IPv6 discovery was set to OFF

Many changes at a time so I could not precisely say which was the cause, but I start to think that the config files are unable to deal with large IP or subnet entries in a row. (UT subnet configuration is written in and all entries are in a row..)

In this environment these changes doesn´t really changed so much, so this wasn´t a problem.

Another suggestion I have is that there were class C subnets that were included and class A subnets that were excluded both subnets have the same first byte so there was an overlapping and perhaps UT can´t deal with it.

(but UT provides these subnets....)


Re: UserTracking process

Main difference is that you guys have a running UT acquisition process running.

I don't.

Anyway, after the CS, RME and DFM patches and a reboot the problem has disappeared.

I haven't yet noticed that the acquisition takes more time than before but I only have a few sites (subnets) included.



New Member

Re: UserTracking process

How do you modify the file and keep it as a PROPERTIES tyype file vs. a text file? When I go to edit the file I need to use notepad or wordpad and then it wants to save it as a .txt file.


Re: UserTracking process

Tell windows not to hide extension, then you are a bit more in control.

Maybe use notepad+ or another enhanced editor.


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