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Using RPS675 for UPS Change for a 3560

We need to move our 3560 switch to a new UPS in a production or live environment. We have a RPS 675 unit. In testing, when we reconnect the primary power supply - after moving it to the new UPS - the switch doesn’t revert back to using the primary supply, but remains on the RPS power. Is there a way to have the 3560’s revert back to the primary power source without rebooting the unit – which happens when the 675 cable is disconnected once it has been the power source. Thanks for your help.


Re: Using RPS675 for UPS Change for a 3560

I don't think u have a way apart from reboot to revert back to the primary power source. only reboot of the switch will revert back the primary power source. Some switches will reboot in the following senario :

1. A RPS300 or a RPS675 backs up a switch which loses its internal power supply.

2. The switch's power supply is then restored ( AC is restored, etc.).

3. The RPS300 or RPS675 still continues to back up the switch with the restored AC because they both have switching power supplies and the RPS300 or RPS675 dominates.

4. Then, the RPS300 or RPS675 is backed off by pressing the mode button.

5. Some switches will reboot and some will not reboot. It all depends on how quickly the switch's internal power supply ramps up to take over. Some will not ramp up quickly enough and the +12V internal voltage will dip momentarily below +10V, which causes a reboot.

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