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using SNMP to start online diagnostics


how can i start Online Diagnostics using SNMP? I looked at DIAG MIBs, but could not find anything. There was something in BASIS-ONLINE-DIAG-MIB, but it does not say which IOS version has it.


Cisco Employee

Re: using SNMP to start online diagnostics

Take a look at the CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-MIB. This MIB is supported in IOS 12.2(33)SXH and higher. The BASIS MIBs are for the WAN switch platform.

One table of interest in the ENTITY-DIAG-MIB is the ceDiagOnDemandJobTable which provides access to on-demand online diagnostics.

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Re: using SNMP to start online diagnostics

hey Mr. Clarke, thanks a lot, this is a good insight. so i just create a job entry in that table and the test will start running right away? to kill it - do i just delete an entry? also, how do i pick the test type? it seems like i have to execute a number of steps to run the test i want. is there a document that would list the process of setting up a diagnostic using those MIB variables?

Cisco Employee

Re: using SNMP to start online diagnostics

I could not find a document, and I don't have a 6500 running 12.2(33)SXH with which to test. However, you'll also want to look at the textual convention definitions in the CISCO-ENTITY-DIAG-TC-MIB. These will explain in more detail about how these objects are defined.

It appears that creating a new entry will start the tests immediately. Most likely the tests will run to completion, and deleting the row will not stop them, but I cannot say for certain. See the CeDiagTestList TC definition on how the test list is specified. The available tests can be found in the ceDiagTestInfoTable.

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Re: using SNMP to start online diagnostics

Hello Joe,

I looked at the MIB, but it is not clear how to define a test, because the MIB variables show "MAX-ACCESS not-accessible", which, as I see it, means I cannot set the value. Is there a way to contact whoever designed this MIB and have them send some instructions? I can do a trial-and-error effort, but it seems like if someone went thru an trouble of implementing this MIB, there has to be some documetation on how to use it.

Thanks much for your help.

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