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I checked the UtliteNT.bat file and it actually copies the utlite to end hosts.

My question is if I just wanted to monitor only a few end hosts for usernames can I manually transfer the utlite.exe there and run it to have them send there u/n information to ciscoworks server?



Re: UTLite

Yes you can, check the document:

Locate this line and replace and with the domain name of the NT domain controller and IP address of the computer running CiscoWorks Server:

start %WINDIR%\UTLite -domain -host -port 16236

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Re: UTLite

Thanks lavramov,

I am sorry, but i dont follow this exactly. I would be thankful if u can tell which one is the line where I can enter the end host name for only which one I need the user name in UT reports.


Re: UTLite

Hi George,

You mean what you enter for the client PC name to be showed in the UT report?

If that is the question, well you dont specify this. The user that was logged in on the remote PC will be displayed.

If it's a unix host, you need rusersd to be enabled.

Also, if you dont fall into bug: CSCsq26330 UTLite does not work with hostnames

then you can use the hostname of the LMS server instead of the IP for the bat file.

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Re: UTLite

Hi lavramov,

Thanks for the information.

So it means that if I have 100 end hosts and I want the username information of only 5 end hosts I can edit the bat for that.

Ans, I have to enter the IP of all the 5 end hosts in destination host name. Is that so?

please check and advise if worong


Re: UTLite


You run the bat on the destination computers / hosts.

In the bat file you specify: the name of the domain server and the ip of the LMS server.

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