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UTU 1.1.1 Not reporting correctly

Hi, I am using UTU 1.1.1 locally on Windows XP sp2 and server is 2000 SP4. the toolbar loads correctly and I have got used to removinf and re-installing as per the UTU guide. However when I enter a known query (eg. My own IP address that is showing correctly whilst in User Tracking via the application) it returns no matching records. I have tried both SSL enabled and disabled. Another note is that it returns the same even if not user password information is entered. I am running Ciscoworks on standalone currently whilst waiting for an ACS upgrade. I have had this working before in a previous life but only when the server was in ACS mode. The docuntation I found just mentions "ensure connectivity through the network for campus manager" I am unsure what ports etc. UTU 1.1.1 requires, maybe this is my issue?

Cisco Employee

Re: UTU 1.1.1 Not reporting correctly

UTU makes either an HTTP or HTTPS connection to the LMS server on the standard port (i.e. 1741 or 443). So if you connect to your server on 1741 in HTTP mode, you must use that mode for UTU (same for HTTPS).

If you are using HTTP, it is much easier to troubleshoot. Get a sniffer trace of the traffic between the UTU client and the LMS server when making a query. Also, check the Cmapps.log on the server for any errors when you try and run a UTU query.

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