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VG248 in SRST mode


I have a VG248 with analog phones and few IP phones at a remote site which also as a dedicated Voice Router acting as a SRST router. I presume in the event of SRST kicking in the VG248 needs to register with this voice router. Hence, I try to configure this as SRST Provider but get error as "SCCP: Failed to connect to SRST provider


I would like to understand how does a VG248 function when SRST becomes active. Only find the explanation "During Cisco Unified Communications Manager fallback, Cisco SRST considers the Cisco VG248 to be a group of Cisco Unified IP Phones. Cisco Unified SRST counts each of the 48 ports on the Cisco VG248 as a separate Cisco Unified IP Phone." Would really appreciate if someone could share a detailed document or provide a clearer picture of VG248 in SRST mode.



Re: VG248 in SRST mode

The error message stated you have configured an SRST provider, but the device does not appear to be responding as an SRST server. If you are relying on SRST and see this warning, the VG248 might have difficulty using SRST services if connectivity to Cisco CallManager is lost.

Check the configuration and status of the SRST device.

The Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) feature provides the Cisco CallManager with fallback support for the VG248. SRST enables a router or other nominated device to provide call handling support for the Cisco IP phones when the Cisco IP phones lose connection to the Cisco CallManager. Survivable Remote Site Telephony (SRST) indicates that there is an SRST device capable of providing Cisco CallManager functionality with a limited feature set. If all other Cisco CallManager servers are unreachable, this device assumes control of call processing.

For further information click this link.

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