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Vlan.dat removed after Cisco Works Upgrade


Last week we did a IOS upgrade with CiscoWorks LMS 2.6.

We upgraded a 3750 stack with 4 switches. The upgrade failed and the vlan.dat file was not restored on the master switch.

From the logs, I can see that Cisco Works in fact does format the entire flash before upgrading (including vlan.dat), please see the below (taken from the logs):

Require Flash Erase to load the new image...

The vlan.dat was then backed up:

Trying to backup flash:vlan.dat from the device using TFTP

Copying flash:vlan.dat to rep_sw_6515521184592679733 using TFTP.

Copying vlan.dat from flash to tftp://****/rep_sw_6515521184592679733

Successfully imported the image from device.

Total time for copying the image - 40 Seconds


Erased flash partition successfully.

After the erase was completed the vlan.dat was added to the restore jobs, it was moved to the jobs directory, but was not copied back to the switch:

Moving the files which are backed up during flash erase to job directory...

Moving vlan.dat from /tftpboot/rep_sw_6515521184592679733 to job directory.

Successfully moved to /var/adm/CSCOpx/files/rme/jobs/swim/5323/vlan.dat

Afterwards, a failure occurred forcing the job to abort.

Image Copy Operation Failed

Device is unlocked.

Device Upgrade Result : Failed

Did anyone experience the same problem before? Shouldn't CiscoWorks restore the vlan.dat file even after a failed upgrade?


Best Regards,



Re: Vlan.dat removed after Cisco Works Upgrade

You most likely are facing these bugs:

Do the workaround in the bug notes plus update the RME version and the device packages.  What version of CiscoWorks LMS and RME are you running? Please download and update the latest RME code with device packages via Common Services --> Software Center --> Software Update --> Download all the applications and manually install the updates if any from download directory.

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