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VLAN status shows inactive

Hi, When am taking data of User tracking output of a Ciscoworks machine, I see the status of the VLAN to be inactive. But in reality that VLAN 1 is active and in fact the only VLAN configured on the switch. Can anyone explain why is this so and is there anything to be done to change it to default as I see on some other switches?

P.S. Note: Please find the attached document.

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Re: VLAN status shows inactive

This is simply the name of the VLAN, and does not reflect its actual state. In what VTP domain is this switch?

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Re: VLAN status shows inactive

I believe you are talking about the VTP mode which is server.

If domain name, I dont think its applicable here, but its in NULL domain no name defined for the VTP domain.

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Re: VLAN status shows inactive

Okay, so no VTP in this switch's case. Regardless, please provide an snmpwalk of the ciscoVtpMIB ( from this switch.

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