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VMS 2.3 working on Windows Server 2003


I have followed the thread regarding VMS 2.3 (not)working on Windows Server 2003. I have setup a server in the lab and have done the following:

1. Install a fresh copy of Windows Server 2000 and applied SP4

2. Install VMS 2.3

3. Test functionality - I have logged in from a remote console and was able to manage our test IPS.

4. Upgrade this same box to Windows Server 2003. Applied SP1

5. Test functionality - I was able to connect via the Web Interface and do some administration on the IPS.

I have not fully tested this nor am I stating that this is fool proof. I am asking if anyone else has done these steps and is anyone running this configuration in a production environment?

I have a bit more testing to do, before i fully commit to this. I will be glad to post my findings.

My apologies if this has been already addressed, but I did not find any posts discussing the possibility of an upgrade.

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Re: VMS 2.3 working on Windows Server 2003

HAd the same problem. Eventually roles back to Win 2000. Interested to hear of your findings

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Re: VMS 2.3 working on Windows Server 2003

Since my original post, I have built a fresh server following the steps of my previous post and deployed the server in production. I have been running it for over a month without any problems.

the VMS box now running on W2K3 is monitoring and updating my IPS 4240 without a hitch. I am able to do all my administrative tasks on this box with no problems.

It was a pain to have to install W2K, VMS and then upgrade to 2003, but it seems to work well without any issues.

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