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VoIP VPN QoS and Rate Limiting

I need to route VoIP from Call Mgr to remote site over Internet VPN. We are using an unusual Internet connection for 2 months while we wait for Metro Ethernet Fiber. Remote site currently has poor VoIP performance.

Hub has telco lines and Call Mgr.

Hub is connected to the Internet via 16 T1's. These connect to two (provider managed) routers - each one doing 12Mbps Multi Link Frame Relay to the Internet.

Both routers are connected to a WS-C3750G-24T that simply has two default routes configured. One for each provider MLFR router. These two interfaces are running at 100/full.

Our main 6509 (Sup2) is connected to this switch via a single, copper Gig-Eth port.

We have an ASA-5510 with two interfaces connected to our 6509. We segregate incoming/outgoing traffic with Vlans and routing.

The IPSec L2L VPN is defined on the ASA-5510 and connects to an ASA-5520 at our spoke site.

The spoke Internet connection is a 50Mbps Metro Ethernet connection. This is connected to a 6513 Sup720 module via fiber. The ASA-5520 is connected to the 6513 with two interfaces. We segregate incoming/outgoing traffic with Vlans and routing.

At the hub I'm sure that we are losing many packets by pointing the 6509 Gig interface at a 3750 with two 100Mb interfaces each connected to a router with a 12Mbps Internet connection.

At the spoke we have a 6509 Gig interface pointed at a 50Mb Internet connection. Simpler but still a problem.

So far all that I can find for these devices/interfaces is "priority-queue" on the ASA's and maybe Policing on the ASA's or 6500's. Shaping seems to be out because I am not using WAN interfaces.

Any suggestions?

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