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VTP Disconnected Domain

Hi, I have a notification in Campus Manager stating I have a VTP Disconnected Domain. I understand the issues, but how do I fix it. It doesn't tell me any switches that have different revision numbers. Is there a way to "Discover" these?

I am running LMS 3.0

Cisco Employee

Re: VTP Disconnected Domain

A disconnected VTP domain points to two or more switches with the same VTP domain name which are not connected by trunk ports. If you click on the text under the Summary column, you will get the specifics as to the switches and revision where the disconnect is occurring. For example, the row will look like:

VTP Disconnected Domain DomainName:nms-core

Not Available 21 Jan 2009, 12:07:38 EST Not Available

In this case, the summary details of this specific discrepancy can be found by clicking on the "DomainName:nms-core" link.

Community Member

Re: VTP Disconnected Domain

JCLARKE, thanks for your help. When I connect and look at each switch listed as well as the VTP server, they all have the same revision number. Should I just ack the message?

Cisco Employee

Re: VTP Disconnected Domain

Even if they all have the same revision, make sure they are all interconnected with trunk ports.

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