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New Member

WCS chokepoint configuration - entry/exit checkbox

I've looked in available Cisco documentation for an actual description of what this checkbox actually does. I'm using AeroScout hardware. What 'technically' is the function of this being checked or unchecked?

New Member

Re: WCS chokepoint configuration - entry/exit checkbox

Cisco's floor-separation solution in high level:

-Cisco's solution is based on the tag remembering the last Exciter it encountered.

-The tag always transmits some Exciter ID (MAC), stating whether it is really under that Exciter, or whether this is just a memory of the last Exciter encountered.

-The location server knows the last Exciter encountered for each tag message, and it knows what floor each Exciter is defined on, so it can determine the correct floor for each tag transmission.

In AeroScout's terminology, this mode is called “Transmit out-of-range”, or TOOR, to emphasize that the tag transmits Exciter IDs even when out-of-range of Exciters.

- Cisco has defined two types of Exciters: those at the entrances to floors and those that are not.

-Exciters at the entrances to floors are known as “Perimeter Exciters” or “In/Out Exciters”.

-Exciters not at entrances to floors are known as “Non-Perimeter Exciters” or “Regular Exciters”.

-The user manually configures for each Exciter whether it's Perimeter or not.

The tag remembers only Perimeter Exciters

Hope that helps,

Jon O'Nan

CCIE 10613

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