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New Member

Weird links


In Campus Manager 3.3 some of the links between 2 directly attached devices are shown not as straight lines SW ------ SW but as a connection with a thicker perpendicular line in the middle SW --||--SW, and the label displayed doesn't show the 2 end devices. I attach an example. The problem is that when I export this information to a .txt file, much of the link information is misleading. Does somebody knows why does this weird lines appear?

Cisco Employee

Re: Weird links

Looks to just be a ethernet LAN connection to me. I have several links like this on my topo map often showing several devices linked together on a LAN

New Member

Re: Weird links

Of course, it's connecting 2 ethernet switches. But only a few of the links in my ethernet networkt are displayed in this way. The other links between 2 ethernet switched ports are typical straight lines. Which may be the reason for this difference?

Re: Weird links

normaly these are shared segments and not switched ones

Cisco Employee

Re: Weird links

More specifically it looks to be an active shared Ethernet VLAN. So as the post mentions above it is a shared segment rather than a direct connection.


Re: Weird links

It would be interresting to know exactly how ciscoworks establishes that the link is a point to point or a shared segment.

I can imagine if the mac table of both switches have both learned the same mac address as being on this trunk port, that Campus can conclude this is a segment, not a trunk.

But a document that describes exactly how ciscoworks does this would be very nice.

I have seen quite a few "strange" connections where campus was unable to work it out or even gave different views in layer2 view and in the topology groups for the same devices.



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