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What is a good platform to run CWLMS 3.1 on?

I have read the specs and understand the minimum requirements but that is not what I am asking.

What type of workstation/server are you using?

Has drive space ever been an issure for you?

We are currently using a Dell PowerEdge 1900 and quiet frankly, if it weren't too danged HUGE, I'd have dropkicked the thing across the great divide a few months ago.

So please, humor me, and tell me what model type of server/workstation you are using?


Cisco Employee

Re: What is a good platform to run CWLMS 3.1 on?

It would help if you specify the number of devices you want to manage. A server for 300 devices will be different than one for 5,000.


Re: What is a good platform to run CWLMS 3.1 on?

I actually have two licenses. Our lab is a 100 device configuration.

4 7606's

10 3845's with c3750 switchmodules in each 3845.

1 2960 Catalyst Switch

Our fielded version will be two seperate instances and that will be 300 devices each.

The In our fielded configuration we will be managing:

24 - 3845 routers with c3750 switchmodules in them.

4 7606's

2 2960 Catalyst Switches

2 3640 routers configured as bridge devices.

We are running either ATM or serial connections on the 3845's to our backbone depending on the site requirements.

Thanks in advance!

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