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Why does jitter graph smooth out when we add Codec to IP SLA

We use NetQos to monitor jitter, delay and MOS.  On a single tunnel, we have three IPSLA measurements, one with the defaults, one with ToS=184, and one with ToS=184 plus Codec=g711alaw.   The bona fide data traversing the link is time sensitive, but not VoIP.  I understand MOS can only be measured when applying a Codec, but that shouldn't change the jitter and delay statistics, yet it does.   The jitter graph on the IPSLA with Codec is much less voilatile than the jitter graph with just ToS.  In other words, when the Codec is applied to the IPSLA, the graph smooths out.   Anyone have a good explanation?  And should I use the MoS as a rough guide, even if I'm not flowing VoIP?     jc

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