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Wireless Control System - SNMP failure during Controller backup

Running WCS Base v6.0.170.0

Controllers running Software image

Attempt to run background task > Controller Configuration Backup leads to a failure for all controllers.

Error in the wcs.log file is as below :

12/04/09 14:15:05.992 ERROR[snmpmed] [51] MIB access failure :  TransferConfig!  :  uploadMode  :  No access
12/04/09 14:15:05.992 ERROR[stspoll] [51] Controller Configuration Backup : SNMP operation related error during ConfigBackup, check whether the community is of read-only access. MEDIATION-5,TransferConfig!,uploadMode,No access
12/04/09 14:15:05.992 TRACE[com.aes] [51] [:] THROW MEDIATION-5,TransferConfig!,uploadMode,No access
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

WCS shows Controller SNMP configuration to be Read-only, although RO & RW strings exist on the controllers. WCS does not pull the RW string in. Is this a compatability bug between the running version of WCS and the controller image ?


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Re: Wireless Control System - SNMP failure during Controller bac

Issue resolved.

Although the RO SNMP string existed on the controllers at the time of adding the controllers to WCS, during the scheduled Audit, the WCS controller configuration is not updated to include the RW string once it has been added to the controller. Forcing a resynch of the configuration also does not cause the RW string to be pulled into WCS.

The only workaround is to ensure the RW string exists on the controller, remove the controller from WCS and then re-add. Checking the controller configuration in WCS then presents the SNMP config as being RW instead of the previous RO.

The controller configuration in WCS from this point does not show the RO string string, although it exists on the controller.

The Background Task > Controller backup is then successful.

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