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Wireless internet problems

Let me tell you a little about my computer before i get started. I have an Inspiron 5100 laptop, w/ 384 mbs RAM and an 80 GB hard drive. For security, i have Avast! antivirus, Zonealarm firewall, and Microsoft Antispyware Beta. For my network, i have a Linksys router, a Cisco 350 series card, and Comcast cable internet. Recently, my Dad had just bought Vonage phone service, and he hooked up the Vonage router to the Linksys one, and this is when my computer started to have problems w/ the internet. Ever since he hooked that up, my Cisco Systems utility program has been flashing between green, yellow, and red for how the connection is. Then my Dad gave me his backup card, which is the exact same one i have, and i tried that, and now it's just flashing between green and yellow. While all this is going on, my internet disconnects and connects back frequently. For example, while i have been typing this post, it has logged off and on again about 10 seperate times. And to add on to it all, my computer has been acting very slowly also. I checked for spyware, none was found. I restarted it mutiple times, not resolved. Can anybody give me some clue anout what's going on?


Re: Wireless internet problems

Which device provides the wireless connectivity? Which device is providing DHCP? Which device is the laptop pointed to as the default gateway? Did you have a booster on the linksys router?

If you ping the default gateway of the laptop do you lose packets?

Only time I have seen something similar is when I accidentally unplugged my booster :)

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Re: Wireless internet problems

Um, i am not an administrator, only to my own laptop, so i have no clue what most of the terms you just had used in your questions. I do know that the Linksys router that i have is the router that provides the internet connectivity though, but it doesn't have a booster, at least not to my knowings.

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