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Writing a Paper for School

I have a Ethernet Network that needs to be upgraded and 4 POS devices POSll WIN 9x that also need to be upgraded.

How much will this cost me? What kind of hardware and software are involved. Is there a web site out there that can provide answers to these questions?


Re: Writing a Paper for School

could you please share the setup details....

- how many clients in the network

- what type of connectivity media (cables) used?

- which switch/ nw devices currently used?

- physical setup


Re: Writing a Paper for School

I know this is for a school paper, BUT:

This is not the kind of question you'll be able to get answered in a forum ... at least not with any accuracy.

There are too many variables, too many questions, too many gotchas to try to produce a solution in a forum environment. In reality, it would end up costing you much more than having a good VAR or consulting group do an on-site eval and recommendation.

Good Luck


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Re: Writing a Paper for School

This virtual company was started in 1998 and it looks like nothing was done with it since then. They connect to the Intranet through a 56K modem. There are 3 stores and they all have basically the same setup. Each site has a server for the POS,a UPS and an assortment of peripherals.

A picture of the network is enclosed.

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Re: Writing a Paper for School

This site isn't really here to do peoples homework, we can provide assistance if you have a specific question that you're unsure about.

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