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WS-C2960C-12PC-L Unkown Console Settings


I have a WS-C2960C-12PC-L which I am trying to access. The console settings have been changed from the default and the configuration is unknown as the switch used to be a test switch. I am unable to determine any usable information via CDP Neighbors from a connected switch. I've tried all the port speed settings using two different terminal programs without any success. Is there a way I can perform a hard factory reset including console settings to default? I've not been able to find any information regarding this.

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You need to try the various

You need to try the various speed settings to find the one that works for the non-default setting your console has been set to. Then rest the config-register back to a more standard setting.

This document explains the steps for troubleshooting and also how to set the config-register back once you've established a connection,

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As I stated, already did that

As I stated, already did that twice with different terminal programs and using both the RJ-45 and USB ports on the device, every setting from 300 to 115200 and few of the higher ones using Teraterm. I've also tried different data, parity, stop, and flow control settings at the more common speeds, all without success.

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You can't do a hard factory

You can't do a hard factory reset without being able to break in to a rommon session while the switch is booting. As far as I know, there's no way around that limitation. 

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