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Need Advice From Experienced Techs Please - For Charity Organization in Africa

1st: I would like to thank you for your time.

2nd: I was asked by a charity organization to help building a system and network for the charity center where they help the most needed groups in the society as much as they can. We need to keep the budget as low as possible. We need help choosing cheap network devices (Routers-Switches-APs) but good enough not to impedes the work.

Here is the network we need to build:

1- The Router will be connected to ADSL so the users can access the internet and to allow remote monitor for the surveillance cameras.

2- The PCs numbers in the pictures are the actual real numbers of PCs in each subnet. (maybe very few cellphones connected to some APs and a few printers).

3- Merging vlans is possible if necessary.

4- Can unmanaged switches be used to reduce coast? would it possible to use cheap non-Cisco switches and access points that doesn't understand Vlans?. Switches and APs from TP-Link as an example.5- I know that the SW_0 is considered a single point failure, but we have to work with a very low budget.

6- I'm an IT technician not a network engineer (studing to be), so I don't have much experience and knowledge with cisco networks. I'm kinda a CCNA level network engineer.

Help us to make to make things better for the most needed people out here.


Thank you again : )


Have a nice day everyone.

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Go online and buy refurbished

Go online and buy refurbished equipment if you want. also Maybe your cisco reseller can give a good deal if you can prove that you represent a non-profit organisation.


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Thank you Dennis. I will

Thank you Dennis. I will search for used or refurbished devices and write there models and prices in a new question and maybe someone would be able to help picking the best available offer. I also will try to contact Cisco and see if they offer discounts for charity organizations. I know that Cisco do this in the US, but not sure if they do the same in Africa.

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