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ntop Packeting Monitoring via the OnPlus Portal (Beta)

Update (10/31/2011): The ntop Packet Monitoring application is now available to both and

ntop is a network traffic probe that shows network usage. For more information, visit

For instructions on how to add and use the ntop Packet Monitoring application, see the online documentation topic “Enabling ntop Packet Monitoring” on the portal or download the application note here:

Enabling ntop Packet Monitoring with Cisco OnPlus Service. Corrected PDF Issue 10/26/2011

Two methods are supported for collecting network information to use with ntop:

  • NetFlow (IPFIX). Most Cisco IOS routers support the NetFlow protocol. In that case, you can simply enable the protocol in the router and point it at the OnPlus Network Agent. The NetFlow protocol uses less CPU resources on the OnPlus Network Agent and does not require you to use the MON port.

    When using NetFlow, we recommend that you assign a static IP address or static DHCP lease to the OnPlus Network Agent, since the NetFlow configuration uses the IP address of the OnPlus Network Agent. Also, NetFlow must be activated in ntop, and the port number that it listens on must match the NetFlow configuration on the IOS router.
  • Span. Using the OnPlus Network Agent MON port for input, you can use ntop to sniff the traffic you are interested in. When the span traffic is monitored, you must provide the source for the network traffic to be examined.


    NOTE for PLG1000 Appliances: If you want to use the span method, and you have a PLG1000 appliance, you must use an Ethernet USB adapter (plugged into the USB port on the PLG1000) to connect the second Ethernet network interface to the SPAN (mirror) port. Only the Cisco Linksys USB300M (10 /100) Ethernet adapter has been tested for compatibility with the PLG1000 appliance and software.

    This applies only to the span method. The NetFlow (IPFIX) method works exactly the same on the PLG1000 as it does on the ON100 Network Agent.

To get started, select a customer, choose Apps, then click FREE.


When you add and install the app for a customer, the ntop application is downloaded to their OnPlus Network Agent and can be accessed from the portal. You do not need to download the ntop application software.

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I don't see ntop in my available apps.  Just autodesk and connectwise.  Should this show up for everyone?

edit: I just noticed the pdf link near the top of the article, but when I open it I only see the first page and can't read the instructions.

New Member

Hi Brandon,

Since this is a Beta feature, the ntop application will only show up if your Partner Account is on our Beta site,



New Member

Thanks for letting us know about the PDF -- I'll replace it ASAP.

[edit] - Should be fixed now.

-- Clare

Thanks for fixing that PDF.  So I registered at the beta site, defaulted my ON100 and reactivated it on the beta site.

That much seems to work fine.  I connected a SPAN port (no netflow here) and installed the app.

Now it never registers to the ntop portal.  I tried removing and adding again.  I get this error, even after waiting about 15 minutes:

The ntop portal will be available in a few minutes. Click Close, then check back later.

EDIT   I rebooted ON100 and tried again and now it works

New Member

Hi Brandon,

I was trying to take a peek at what might be going on, but I see that it has cleared. It looks like you might caused the device to be rebooted and that cleared it. I think this has something to do with the state of the system after being first activated and before its first reboot after fully finishing the activation process. I'm going to try to recreate this here and follow up on this thread. As things seem to have started now, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on using NTOP.


New Member


Looks like this is a pretty rare case when some stars align and our initial failsafe software image is aligned with the image on our Portal. I'll get a trouble ticket raised on this one, but for now, if NTOP fails to activate on a site that was just started, you need only reboot the site's ON100 (using the Portal menus) and it should come up just fine.


New Member

Further update ... we have a fix submitted for the next update to the OnPlus Beta release.


New Member

Hi there.  So I decided to try this out instead of putting a dedicated PC into a clients place.  He doesn't mind me beta testing over there.  When I first set it up (via port mirroring on the MON port) I received all the info I would expect.  However, two hours later I try and connect again and now I'm in the system but no data shows under the tables for any host information.  For instance IP->Summary->Traffic just shows me the header and no data beneath it.  This literally was working just a few hours ago.  The graphs show up on the other pages but no host information.

It's MON port is mirroring the uplink port of an SG-300-10P off of port GE3.  Any ideas how to kick it into gear and start working again?  Thanks!

*****Update***** I rebooted the OnPlus piece and for now it's working.  I'll post again if the issue returns.  Thanks.

New Member

Lokibjensen ... if it happens again, you can contact me directly at I'd like to capture the log stream from the management tools. Turning it off and then on again (after a suitable 1-2 minute wait), will cause a complete reset of the NTOP tool.



New Member

Will do.  Thank you sir!