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The Idea Board!

We have gotten great feedback from all of you and we wanted to have a single place where we could store all of this data.  We also wanted to share this with the rest of the community so that we can begin to brainstorm and create new ideas here!  The ideas, thoughts, and feedback that has been collected is consolidated below - we can open up new threads if we get enough votes or comments about particular features. 

Keep in mind that everything on this list is based on the creativity of everyone in the community.  Think of the features here as the ones that are currently brewing and are open to change.  You might see some of these items change, fall off the list, or even make it into the pipeline or roadmaps based on the feedback you provide us!


Directed Discovery

- Instruct OnPlus on which subnets to discover on

- Use of a ping sweep within a specified subnet + SNMP discovery

Discovery Ignore

- Gives the OnPlus portal user the option to skip specific network segments to discover

- Skips discovery on specified devices

Time-based automatic removal for certain devices and subnets

- Some network/subnet/ip ranges that are being discovered have many devices that come and go (e.g. hotspot, guest networks).  To prevent them from piling up, they would be automatically removed.

- Configure subnets, IP  ranges, or devices to  be automatically removed if they are missing:  Immediately or after a certain time (hours, days..)


Port based Topology Maps

- Using MAC addresses and swtich ports from the switches, correlate mappings within the topology map and draw based on this data

Same device, Multiple Interfaces/MACs

- Understand and display data on a specific device that has multiple connections rather than duplicating the device


Alert Thresholds

- Set thresholds for certain alerts such as up/down status to reduce false positives

- The ability to adjust  the threshold so that I'm only alerted if the site is down for more than a certain amout of time 

Added SNMP Functionality

- Minimal device monitoring (platform up/down status) of non-Cisco SNMP capable devices

- Monitoring custom Cisco MIBs for additional details


- Collecting or displaying network health data based on IP SLA

- Have the ON100 device act as an IP SLA responder or agent

Additional Monitors

- Monitor the routing table of a device to alert if a route is added or dropped on a  device.

- Monitors for QoS Implementatoins (IOS QoS Implementations: MQC, HQoS...)

Templated Monitor Profiles

- Ability to create a set of re-usable monitoring templates that can be easily applied. For  example, we may have some server systems  we'd like to monitor  SMTP/DNS/WMI on, while another set may only need  DNS/DHCP, and whatnot.  I would like to just select those devices, and  have a dropdown/click  to select a preconfigured monitoring profile  instead of having to readd  all the monitors over and over.

Acknowledging Alerts

- Turning off an active alert on a monitor once you have acknowledged the alarm


User Based Notification Delivery Rules

When I want to add a person  to get messages it would be  nice if I can add a person and then have  check box for say 10  different devices to get messages from rather than  having to put the  user in once for each one.

Configuration and Firmware

Unity Express Back Up

- Use OnPlus to provide backup capabilities for Unity Express in addition to the configurations for CME on the UC500

Additional Details on Config Backup

- Display diff between configuration versions in the notes section of the configuration tab


Further NTOP Integration

- Integrate NTOP Viewing into native OnPlus experience, allows for viewing of NTOP data without having to open the NTOP portal

- Create/generate reports based on data gathered from NTOP

Usability and User Experience

Portal Timeout

- Increase span of time before portal times out

Spanning Tree Visualization

- Display context of STP and MSTP instances on the topology view. 

Automatic Grouping/Re-Parenting Based on IP/Subnet

- Automatically move devices under a parent device if they have a certain IP, or by  Subnet.  For example, VoIP phones on a network would show up under the VoIP server or switch they are connected to.

Password/Authentication Proxy 

- Ability to dole out passwords for users and give  them access to  certain devices with the OnPlus agent holding and using  the master  password for said device.  That way if someone leaves your  organization  you don't have to change passwords for all devices.  You  just turn off  the users account and he will no longer have access with  HIS password  but the master passwords, that were encrypted and he didn't  have access  to, are still safe.

Device Support

Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers

- Basic and Enhanced Support for the 210X, 250X Series Controller

Additional Cisco Small Business Products


Cisco Catalyst Switching Platforms

- Cisco Catalyst 3524

Cisco Adapative Security Appliances

ASA5510, 5520

Additional Device Vanity Icons

- Apple  devices, MAC's


Inventory count

- at base of each inventory list as you scroll down add  a total,I.e. No. Of devices. - All = ? No. / Computer = ? No. / etc..

Device Credentials

- add function to enter or amend credentials of appliance's

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New Member


Thank you for gathering this information all into one place.

How about the following?

- Ability to add credentials for a site prior to discovery.

- Utilization monitors of supported network equipment. (CPU, Mem, Bandwidth).

Thank you again for your work on this.


New Member


Fantastic stuff.  I would like to add a Discovery related idea.

If it was possible to do a Data Reset that only removed all non currently connected devices - that be fantastic.  Could be tied into the idea of automatic removal - but perhaps you could remove all items that haven't been seen in the past day/week/month (radio button?).  Third option on the Data Reset screen.  We have a particularly active network - lots of devices coming and going...  Many showing up for one day only.

Love my onplus!


The ability to add multiple OnPlus ON100 appliances under a single customer combined with event correlation to generate one ON100 alert when HQ's Internet goes down instead of multiple alerts for each ON100.  Could probably use the "WAN IP" detected by OnPlus to correlate the devices...assuming they're using the same PAT address.

New Member


1) So how about if there is a device that has both wireless and wired connections, be able to 'join' the devices if it is the same device.

2) Way better map creation.  The map for one of our sites, which has a cisco router, 2 cisco switches, and a cisco wireless ap.  But the map looks like a flat line except for the items that I have moved manually.  Considering that all the network devices are Cisco, I would hope for something better than that.

3) Router wan stats that we can assign upload and download speeds to, maybe some graphs since you already can do this on latency and ping

4) Port stats on switches (preferably snmp so that it works on any devices)

5) When talking about Alert Thresholds - maybe have things like Service Check Timed Out or No contact also allowed to permit 1 or 2 misses to be configured.

6) Notifications coming 'on time'

7) Timezone fix

8) Subjects should be better on emails - like instead of:

Onplus Critical - Monitor: Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), maybe have WMI Memory under x% or WMI Disk Failure

9) Fix reports to allow for an apostophe in the name

10) Reports - allow for a 'white' background', allow for 'transparent images'

I will try to find a few more things to add.

New Member

Fantastic feedback everyone!!  Keep it all coming and we'll make sure to keep this list updated with other details around the community!

I really like where all of this is going and I think your initial list is great.  Here's some additional ideas/thoughts:

- Thresholds/Duration (Above or Below "X" for "Y" sec, min, hour, etc.)

- Hold Time (Before it alarms again)
- Rearm/Duration (Clear alert if value goes above or below "X" for "Y" sec, min, hour, etc.)

Configuration and Firmware
- Ability to initiate telnet/enable password changes

- See VPN configuration Details

      - Ability to initiate VPN PSK changes on L2L VPNs
- I know this is a stretch, but it would be really nice to see OnPlus and Smart Care merge some of their functionality and allow us to leverage "recommended changes" to configs that exists in Smart Care as well as manage contract coverage/renewals all in one interface.

Client Grouping
- Group multiple sites under 1 client
- Group multiple clients under one a user group (so that all users in that group have access to only those clients)


- If a device is detected with the same device name as a device that is currently offline, merge the two under the new IP/MAC info.

New Member

Good stuff, how about the ability to acknowledge and not be alerted on certain events, delete events, and manage how you want the events to alert you.

As well the ability to do discovery over VPN tunnels

**Critical missing component**

I don't know how I missed this before, but we NEED the ability to selectively monitor interface and line protocol statuses.  By default I wouldn't want OnPlus to monitor any interfaces, as I don't care about most switch ports, but I do need the ability to watch specific interfaces.  In most instances, the inability to reach another monitored device would give you an alert that something is wrong.  But that's only in the IP world.  A prime example of why this is needed is PRI interfaces on voice routers and/or SRST on remote sites.  I would want to know when a PRI goes down at HQ and I would also might want to know when SRST starts using POTS lines on a remote router.  Neither are going to be seen via IP and can only be detected by actually monitoring and alertin on the Interface/Line Protocol status of Up or Down.


Thank you for the feedback, keep it coming!

New Member


How about the ability to use ON100 agent offline, without an internet connection

to collect all the informations, retrieve in a file and sent when it is possible online ?

Thank you

Best regards.