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Cisco Express 520 Switch / IP Phones

Hi Guys,

I have 2 520's and 1 500 that I have at a site, as well as a UC520.  One of the 520's and the UC520 is showing up, but the other 520 which should be showing up isn't, and it doesn't look like the 500 is supported with onplus, so I will switch that to Generic IOS.

No another thing with this site, is that about 1/2 the phones showup as the appropriate model number, but the other half just show up as cisco devices.

Something else that would be useful, is that the phones show up with their line appearance description.  Another thing that would be useful would be to have the pc that is hung off the phone go and show up so that it is behind the phone.

In this case like this:

Gateway - Switch - Phone - PC

                           - Phone - PC

                          - Phone - PC

Has anyone else brought this up or have this working properly at a site?



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Cisco Express 520 Switch / IP Phones

Hi Chris,

We'll take a look at this combined with the other issue you are experiencing. I've reached out to our device team for next steps.

I llike you suggestion for topology with a device behind an IP phone. I've made note of this for our next generation topology.

Thanks again,

The OnPlus Team

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