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Feature Request Round 2 - Deployable monitoring profiles

The monitoring capability is definitely an amazing feature.. But, the problem is that there isn't a real way to create a "template" or "profile" of some monitoring configurations that can easily be replicated.

I know it's possible to select more than one device and bulk-modify them. But, it would be nice to create a set of re-usable monitoring templates that we can easily apply. For example, we may have some server systems we'd like to monitor SMTP/DNS/WMI on, while another set may only need DNS/DHCP, and whatnot. I would like to just select those devices, and have a dropdown/click to select a preconfigured monitoring profile instead of having to readd all the monitors over and over.

Another option might be that the device categories include the monitors, too, though this may not be as flexible. But, it would also make it easy - just change the device's category and monitoring profiles of that category will be applied.

From a management standpoint, reusable profiles are going to be very important in the long run. The last thing we'll want to spend lots of time doing is duplicating the same monitoring configurations over and over.

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Feature Request Round 2 - Deployable monitoring profiles

Hi Jas,

Thanks for your additional feedback for OnPlus.  We're always listening, so do please keep it coming!  Over the next few days I am hoping to create a parking lot for many of these ideas that have been presented on the support community.  We can hopefully create some interesting dialog around the consolidated list of these great suggestions!

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Feature Request Round 2 - Deployable monitoring profiles


That'll definitely be a great thing to add to the community. Hopefully we'll see more suggestions and ideas to make the OnPlus program better with each update

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