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Firmware Update Notification

I noticed on a couple of my sites today that the OnPlus icon in the portal was orange and the message was that there is a firmware update available.  It was showing that the installed firmware is 35.46.  I rebooted the OnPlus unit (which I think is supposed to cause it to get the latest firmware during startup).  After it rebooted, it is still showing that it is running 35.46.

I went to the next one to restart it and it had already turned green again (without doing anything to it) and did not have the notification.

Are the notifications just not working correctly?  What is the current firmware version?


Firmware Update Notification

Hi Derek,

The base firmware version is 35.46, which is correct. The current software version is This version shows when you connect to the device. Could you verify that please?

Regarding the firmware update, is the On100 still showing the message? Tyipically, after an upgrade, which we had on Saturday, it takes a few days for the update to push through. The device is aware a new update is available, but the update hasn't been applied. It is applied when logging into the portal. If a login doesn't occur, then it happens during the maintenance window configured.


The OnPlus Team

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