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Login Access On Manually Added Router

I have manually added a number of routers as they are located on a different subnet which is not being auto-discovered.

All of these routers have had the 'Login Access' and 'Enable Access' credentials set and the drive set to Generic IOS Router.

This was completed a number of days ago but the status on the credentials page remains as 'Credential status not yet known'                  

Is there a way to force the agent to test the credentials? I am hoping that once this is completed the configuration will start being backed up each night.

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Login Access On Manually Added Router

Hi Christian,

Just a few comments on the scenario you presented.  The Generic IOS driver is mainly to help facilitate the discovery of devices through your router.  It doesn't provide the capability for configuration back/restore and firmware updates. It's one of those things where we would have loved to get into the driver, but the much of the work around configuration and firmware manipulation is very device specific and brings it outside the realm of a generic profile.  The good news is that we are expaning the portfolio of IOS based products we are supporting in OnPlus, so hopefully we can be targeting some of your platforms in the near future.  Let us know what products you are currently looking to support, and we will make sure your input is included in our planning.

Also another point to consider here is that drivers are not assigned for devices that are manually added into the topology until they have been included as part of the discovery process.  Manually adding the devices would give you the option to do specific monitors on that device though! 

Depending on your scenario and network, you may also be able to take advantage of some of our VLAN awareness features that will be rolling out in the very near future.  This would bring the capability of using your ON100 to discover and have connectivity to multiple VLANs when it's connected into a IEEE 802.1 trunked interface on the switch.  We'll be sharing more details arond this as we get this ready for release!


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Re: Login Access On Manually Added Router


  Thanks for getting back to me. One of the scenarios we face with our customers is that we have deployed many SR520 routers to multiple locations for telecommuters. Plugged into the SR520 is simply a phone, a workstation and a printer. We would like to be able to monitor these from the customers head office without having to deploy a ON100 agent to each telecommuter site. We currently monitor their up\down state using the agent in the head office but it would be beneficial if we could backup their configuration and check the firmware state across the VPN tunnel.

  Are there any of the current or up-coming options that allow this to occur?


Re: Login Access On Manually Added Router

Another scenario similar to this that we're running into is that we have a border router located on the other side of an ASA firewall.  Since CDP isn't allowed to traverse the firewall, we have no means of discovering that device.  Right now I've added it manually and can monitor via ICMP, but that's about it.  I've input the SNMP credentials and selected the Generic SNMP Router and get the same results as Christian.  It appears that this is a limitation right now but I don't believe it would be resolved with VLANs and trunking either.  Suggestions/Thoughts?

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