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ntop onplus protocols

Hi everybody,

I want to know is the only protocols that use NTOP with onplus are Netflow and “port MON”  mirroring mode.

I want to know the use of internet with a router that dont support that protocols.


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Re: ntop onplus protocols


In order for NTOP running on OnPlus to see all LAN traffic, it requires either a netflow-capable router (which would feed the data to the ON100 via the ON100's LAN port/IP), or it requires a switch that has the ability to port mirror all traffic passing through it to be placed before the WAN router and mirror that traffic to the ON100 (via the ON100's MON port).

While not supported (or even recommended), another possiblity depending on the LAN configuration could be to place a dumb 'hub' between the WAN router and the switch (that lacks port mirroring capability) to which all LAN traffic is connected, and to connect the ON100's MON port to this hub so that it is able to also see all the traffic flowing through the hub. There are also ethernet 'tap' devices or cables that could be used with similar effect.

If the LAN traffic connects directly into ethernet ports on the WAN router, and that router doesn't support mirroring of that traffic, the only other alternative might be to configure the above hub or ethernet tap on the WAN side of the router. You would lose visibility of the internal network traffic, but NTOP would be able to account for all WAN traffic at the least.

Of course my recommendation would be to upgrade the LAN to a head-end switch that supports port mirroring


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