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OnPlus international availability

Hi there,

So I was about to sell a few units to a client in Africa when I realized that with the K9 attached to the model number I cannot do this.  Are there any plans to make international versions or some way allow us to sell these overseas?  It's actually for a client from the US who has a few businesses over there we wanted to monitor.  I was dismayed because this piece would be ideal for this situation.  Thanks!

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OnPlus international availability

Hi, great question, thanks for sharing it with the broader set of users. OnPlus is not intended to be resold from the partner to the end customer. The partner retains title to the subscription and thus the appliance.

The K9 attached to the model number indicates there is encryption utilized in the product and thus must comply with export compliance requierments from regional governments.

Not sure if that distiction between shipping a product to another coutry for use remotely vs. reselling a product to another individual in another country makes a difference in your specific scenarios.

OnPlus uses encryption to securely provide access to the remote network. That protection is inherent to the service. However, Cisco K9 products can be sold to broad range of countries around the world.

Perhaps we need to look deeper into the specific country(s) your remote sites may be in, send a note to if you want to share those specifics and we get some additional details.


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