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Strange issue with remote connection to SG-300-28P

I turn off web access to all of my switches so that I can only connect via ssh or telnet (depending on security concerns).  For some reason one of my sites will not allow me to access one of these switches by anything other than web (but since http and https is turned off I cannot access it).  I don't have a choice for RDP, VNC, or Generic where every other device on the OnPlus gives me that choice.  Another strange thing is that the icon is correct for the device but if I manually choose the driver for Cisco 300 Series managed switches it tells me it's the wrong driver.  The firmware on the switch is

What could I possibly be doing wrong to not even have those options on this Cisco device?

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Strange issue with remote connection to SG-300-28P

Hi Bjorn,

The problem you've encountered is because for certain known devices, we include a cross-lauch profile that prefills certain parameters and removes protocols that are not considered of use.  Unfortunately in this case the profile is too restrictive and offers only web access.  We'll get that fixed.

In the mean time, the workaround would be to add a new device in the topology display manually and assign it the IP address of the switch.  You'll then have access to the Generic tunnel via the new device.

As our SG-300 driver uses http to access the switch, disabling http on the device also disables OnPlus access.  That means, among other things, we can't access the switch for topology discovery.  I believe our driver for this device also supports SNMP so you might consider enabling that as an alternative to http.


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