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New Member

Timezone bug?

Hi there,

I have an OnPlus unit in Accra, Ghana and the profile is set to the timezone.  However, the event log shows the timezone as "New York".  Is this a bug or is there somewhere else I need to set this up.  The client is receiving everything in the wrong timezone.  Thanks!

Cisco Employee

Timezone bug?


Event reports display event times in the timezone of the OnPlus user, which you can set by logging into OnPlus and clicking 'Account' at the top-right. You should also notice that if you change your account's timezone and then select any customer from the Overview page, when you drill into the Events tab for a customer all event times displayed will be in the new timezone you've set for your account. The timezone being used is displayed at the bottom of the Events page.

OnPlus service today doesn't offer a way to generate a report in the timezone of the individual customer, but it's on our radar. In the mean-time, if you need the timestamps in a report to be displayed in a particular timzone, you'll need to change your account time-zone, at least temporarily, to the required timezone before generating the report. You can then change it back.


New Member

Timezone bug?

Hmmmm...that's very disconcerting and kind of makes the whole point of setting a customer timezone pointless.  Seeing as my reports to the client, and email alerts, are automatically generated there is no way for me to switch the timezone each time something is sent.  I really really really hope that this is something that will be fixed soon as there are many other features that are also supposed to be added but I have yet to see any come to fruition.  The main ones for us being:

Allowing customers to login and see the portal, and their respective sites, with their own username and password.

Having more control over thresholds for WAN up/down status so that we don't constantly receive alerts if a site goes down for just a few minutes.

There are others, many others, but the login thing has been promised for some time now with no word yet on when it will arrive.  This timezone issue is just another problem out of many I see.  I LOVE the OnPlus units and am selling one with every single system we create but customers are antsy when we have limited functionality.  Thanks for the quick reply.

Cisco Employee

Timezone bug?


Definitely agree that being able to specify to use the customer's timezone in reports would be quite useful in many cases. Your feedback here will help this feature be better prioritized.

Currently, the customer timezone is used in determining the customer's maintenance window (used to update the ON100 firmware when needed) and is the timezone set on the ON100 unit iteself. Also, some monitor events include details in the event text with specific timestamps using that timezone, recorded by the device itself as the event was seen. This comes in handy when the WAN at the customer's site is down for some period, and events accumulated by the ON100 might not be sent to the portal until the WAN is restored. The event timestamp listed in the Events tab and also in Reports displays the timestamp that the event was recorded at the portal, usually seconds after the event happened, but the event's text may carry a more accurate timestamp for the event if the WAN was unavailable for some interval.

Regarding the Customer Login feature, I can't comment as to when it will be finally released, but I can say that it's being tested presently and is nearly ready. At the present time in this feature, customers won't be able to generate their own reports, reports are still at the agent level. Initially it's likely that this feature won't provide a solution for generating customer-timezone-specific reports. I expect that a customer-generated reports feature will be coming some time after the customer logins feature is available. I also expect an update to the agent Reports screen will be coming that would allow you to specify that the report be generated in a respect to a particular timezone. My preference would be default to the timezone of the account I'm logged in as at the time I create the report, but to also allow for the selection of an alternate timezone via:

  • a drop-down list of my customer's timezones (for customer-specific reports)
  • a drop-down list of all my agent and customer account timezones
  • a drop-down list of all available timezones

Interestingly, control over monitor thresholds was present, but was removed during OnPlus early field trials as it was deemed to complicate the interface. We've discussed the possiblity of adding an 'advanced' user setting to OnPlus which could enable these kind of settings to be displayed, but I don't believe that this has received much in the way of priority yet.

As OnPlus adds things like monitor templates, monitor thresholds tuning is a feature that I'd love to see make it's return. At the same time, probably also as an 'advanced' feature, I'd like to see the ability to disable certain discovery mechanisms that are problematic for some users - such as disabling SMB/CIFs, which can set off windows security events on some servers .

New Member

Timezone bug?

Thanks for that very thorough answer.  I look forward to all of the new features.

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